You are currently viewing Scottish salmon nets top export spot

Scottish salmon was the UK’s biggest food export in 2022, according to HMRC figures, with sales of £578m.

The figure is down 6% from £614m the year before and even further from 2019’s record-breaking sum of £617m.

France ensured the Auld Alliance was alive and kicking with the most sales out of 54 countries exported to. However, the volume sent abroad was down by 26%, reflecting a growing UK demand. The domestic market is valued at around £1.2bn a year.

The farm-raised salmon industry employs 2,500 people directly, with a further 10,000 dependant on the sector.

Hailing the industry as an “extraordinary global success story,” Salmon Scotland boss Tavish Scott, said: “Scottish salmon, grown sustainably in the cold waters off our west coast, is recognised as the best in the world – which is why it is in such high international demand.

“Thank you to everyone involved from egg to plate for delivering such a successful year.”

His sentiments were echoed by Scottish Rural Affairs Secretary Mairi Gougeon, who congratulated everyone in the sector.

She added: “Food and drink is one of our priority export sectors and the continued growth in global markets means more jobs and investment across Scotland.”