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Business Gateway is hosting a free online DigitalBoost event with Dr Jillian Ney (pictured), the UK’s first ‘Dr of Social Media’, to equip Scottish businesses with the knowledge to harness their internet data.

Taking place on Monday 27 February at 1pm, the hour-long webinar ‘Social Media Listening with Dr Jillian Ney’ will explore social listening – defining what it is, how it can benefit business owners, and offer tips on how to achieve impact in cost-effective ways.

The event will take the form of a Q&A with Business Gateway’s Chief Officer and SRFDA judge, Hugh Lightbody. Ney will offer expert guidance on how businesses can use online data to identify insights on their target audience and stay competitive, as well as explore the changing impact of the internet on the business landscape.

Founder of Glasgow-based The Social Intelligence Lab and an award-winning digital anthropologist, Ney has worked in the industry for over a decade as a researcher, consultant, spokesperson and author. She has been voted as one of the most influential women under 30 in digital marketing and has given two TED Talks: ‘Connectedness and the Digital Self’ and ‘Social Media: The Value Lies in the Data’.

She commented: “Social listening is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes gain a deeper understanding of their audience and stay ahead of their competition, but it is easy to get swept up in the hype of what the technology and data can offer.

“During the webinar, I will demystify this hype to help businesses concentrate on what’s important. I’m delighted to partner with Business Gateway on this session, hopefully encouraging more businesses to discover the untapped potential that lies in their social data.”

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