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Glenbervie-based food ingredients manufacturer Macphie has partnered with Scottish Refugee Council, directly resulting in the appointment of two new staff members.

Following an open day and three-day work trial, the partnership has enabled Macphie to welcome two refugees, who arrived in the UK after fleeing war in Syria, to its team as production operatives at our recently refurbished Tannochside factory.

Working with the Scottish Refugee Council, the manufacturer discovered the challenges refugees face when looking for paid employment. They have advised how the company can help adapt its recruitment and induction process to make it more accessible.

“It’s wonderful that our collaboration has already enabled two refugees in our programme to join the manufacturing company,” Anita Yu, Employability Support Officer at Scottish Refugee Council and facilitator of the partnership said.

“The people we work with have fled horrific situations around the world and come from countries where conflict and human rights abuses are rife.”

Andy Stapley, Chief Executive with Macphie, said: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Scottish Refugee Council and fully believe in everything that they stand for.

“We think it is so vitally important that we help support refugees as they integrate into their new lives and that companies should make a conscious effort to employ through the Scottish Refugee Council programme.”