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Waas Bakery in Shetland has ceased trading after entering administration.

Administrator Interpath Advisory was called in after attempts to sell on the business failed, resulting in the loss of nine jobs.

The company ran into headwinds during the coronavirus pandemic and has since struggled with cashflow.

The bakery was founded in 2003 and produced a range of baked goods, which it supplied to local cafés, shops and a supermarket.

Located in the village of Waas (Walls), it was known for its outstanding softies, rolls, oatcakes, water biscuits and a variety of fancies. In 2016, it introduced its ‘Real Bread’ range, made using only flour, water, salt and yeast.

Joint administrators, Interpath’s Blair Nimmo and Geoff Jacobs, said the opportunity to buy the well-established business remained and urged interested parties to get in touch as soon as possible.

Geoff Jacobs commented: “It is hugely disappointing that Walls Bakery, which has been an important part of the Walls community in Shetland, is no longer able to continue to trade.”