You are currently viewing Magnum launches £1m production centre in Fife

Scotch malt whisky cream liqueur brand, Magnum, has opened a production and bottling centre in Kirkcaldy.

The dedicated facility is already gearing up to distribute around 135,000 litres of Magnum across Scotland, the rest of the UK, Canada, the United States and South Africa in 2024.

The latest automated technology means that around 40 bottles of Magnum per minute will be produced.

The £1m facility has been three years in the making and is complete with dedicated cream vat, as well as specialist rinsing, filling, capping and labelling equipment.

The new purpose-built site will house liquid and dry goods all under one roof, helping to minimise the brand’s carbon footprint. It will also support six full-time skilled jobs.

Magnum director Lee Schofield said: “This is a really significant milestone for our truly Scottish brand. Magnum is now the only scotch malt whisky cream liqueur that is exclusively crafted and bottled right here in Scotland.

“With our new dedicated cream production facility in Fife, engineered solely for Magnum, we’re able to scale up as required. Innovation is very much on our agenda, but always with provenance, premium ingredients and packaging sustainability in our DNA.”

Schofield said the new facility had the potential to introduce rum or tequila cream liqueurs in the future.

The production and bottling centre is owned and operated on behalf of Magnum by QAS Group, a supply chain provider for the spirits industry.