You are currently viewing Inaugural World Haggis Championship to be staged in Scotland

The hunt is on for the world’s best haggis as the first international contest is set to get underway.

Hosted by Scottish Craft Butchers (SCB), the World Haggis Championship will see restaurant chefs compete with local butchers, and haggis manufacturers vie with farm shops for the coveted title.

The inaugural contest will be staged in Scotland as part of the  SCB Trade Fair. The champion will hold the crown for two years.

“We`re looking for a 500g traditional Scottish haggis in ball shape,” SCB President George Jarron said. “We`re not looking for speciality products that shift away from the traditional fare.

“Judges will be looking at appearance, flavour, texture and the true rustic nature of our national dish.”

Judges will select five regional winners from within SCB members before including all-comers in the battle for the world title, along with two runners-up.

All entrants must produce and retail haggis and meet other terms and conditions laid down by the new competition.