You are currently viewing Arbikie inches closer to becoming a hydrogen-powered distillery

Arbikie Highland Estate has completed the latest stage of their plan to be a green hydrogen-powered distillery with the installation of a new 1MW wind turbine to provide renewable energy.

Arbikie is now working in collaboration with Locogen and Logan Energy to power their distillery with green hydrogen.

It will use renewable electricity from the wind turbine to split water in an electrolyser to create green hydrogen.

This will be used in their hydrogen-compatible boiler to power the Arbikie Distillery with the switch having a significant impact on the distillery’s carbon footprint.

Iain Stirling, Director of Arbikie Highland Estate, said: “We are delighted to pioneer the use of green hydrogen in the distilling industry. As the latest custodians of our family farms and distillery it’s very important to our family to be as sustainable as possible.”

Arbikie has already distilled its Nàdar brand of “climate-positive” gin and vodka in partnership with the James Hutton Institute and Abertay University.

“Our Nàdar Gin and Vodka are in demand across the world as discerning consumers switch to planet-friendly spirits and our customers, including some of the world’s best bars, and hotels are using our Nadars to create sustainable cocktail menus,” Stirling added.