You are currently viewing Iceland to promote Best Starts Foods scheme on Scottish milk bottles in industry-first

Iceland will become the first UK supermarket to use milk bottles to promote the Best Start Foods scheme, set up by the Scottish Government to help low-income families in the country buy healthy options like milk, fruit and vegetables, pulses and baby formula.

Iceland’s ‘Could you get this milk for free?’ campaign is due to hit shelves in April this year, with the special labels also featuring a QR code on larger bottles, taking people directly to the Best Start Foods website, where they can check their eligibility.

A parallel campaign in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the UK government’s Healthy Start Scheme will include 81 million branded milk bottles.

Iceland will also be creating special campaign delivery vans which will deliver in areas of low take up across the UK and be seen by thousands of people each week.

This industry first follows Iceland’s yearlong offer of free veg to families using Best Start Foods cards during the height of the pandemic and the supermarket’s recent commitment to freeze the price of its £1 ranges to help people struggling with the impact of price inflation.

Iceland Foods Managing Director Richard Walker said: “From April this year our ‘Could you get this milk for free?’ campaign will be on every single one of our milk bottles, enabling us to reach millions of homes across the UK with details of the scheme.

“We understand that many families are facing tougher financial situations than ever as a result of the cost of living risis and the continued pressing need to help from our interactions with millions of customers each week.

“At Iceland we have a long history of supporting our local communities and offering great quality, low cost food and I hope this innovative approach will make a real difference to those families who don’t realise they are eligible.”

Iceland also has a dedicated webpage supporting Best Start Foods and Healthy Start and will be promoting the schemes with in-store posters, social activity and a newsletter update to all Bonus Card customers.