You are currently viewing Highland Spring is ‘water as nature intended’

Highland Spring has unveiled its new brand positioning, ‘Water as Nature Intended,’ which tells how the brand’s product is sourced from the Ochil Hills in Perthshire.

The new positioning launches with a billboard campaign which showcases Highland Spring’s natural source and origin, and helps consumers understand the water’s journey from falling as rain then filtering through the land, where it is bottled at source.

The focal point of the out-of-home activity is an Oxford Circus underground takeover, which includes an interactive and scented billboard. People passing through the station can expect a sensory experience which immerses them in the Ochils.

Commenting on the new positioning and campaign, Nic Yates, Marketing Director at Highland Spring Group, said: “We are thrilled to unveil our new brand positioning and out-of-home campaign which connects consumers to the source of our water and its special relationship with nature.”