You are currently viewing Stirling Distillery unveils two new whiskies

Stirling Distillery has launched limited-edition runs of its Cambusbarron and Stoneywood whiskies as part of its Sons of Scotland collection.

The Cambusbarron has been re-casked from a 2020 new-make lowland whisky and housed in the distillery’s bonded warehouse since 2021. It was decanted and split into three different quarter casks in January 2023; the first release was matured in a quarter sherry cask. There are 50 bottles available.

In the brief time it has been in the cask, the whisky has taken on the characteristics of a much older sherry cask whisky – a rich dark colour and smooth rich sherry flavour notes.

The latest Stoneywood release comes from a nine-year-old Orkney Bordeaux Barrique (white wine) cask with 250 bottles. On the nose is caramel and melted milk chocolate with a long, warming finish. It follows on from the previous Stoneywood release in 2022 which came from a red wine cask.

This is the first time the distillery has had the opportunity to re-cask liquid since it launched its Sons of Scotland independent bottling range in 2020.

The new launches highlight the distillery’s move away from purely gin production as it brings whisky back to Stirling for the first time since the original Stirling Distillery closed its doors in 1852.

Distillery co-founder Cameron McCann commented: “Whenever you have a whisky in your hand, you’re holding a story in a glass. With our Sons of Scotland range, this is no exception. We carefully selected casks full of history and flavour.”