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Ellon-based brewer BrewDog is starting to roll out a packaging redesign across its entire multipack range, to help differentiate between the brand’s various beer styles and provide stand-out on shelf.

The refresh sees multipacks move from all white to showcasing the design of the cans inside, making them easier to tell apart. The new packs will also provide three-word descriptions focusing on taste, along with a visual of the beer in a glass, highlighting the colour of the liquid, to help shoppers more easily select the specific beer style they want.

Packs include Punk IPA 330ml can 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-packs, Lost Lager 440ml can 4- and 10-packs, Hazy Jane 330ml can 4- and 12-packs, Planet Pale 330ml can 4- and 12-packs, Elvis Juice 330ml can 4-packs and Punk AF 330ml 4-packs.

As well as updating multipacks, the changes will be replicated across outers and shippers to help retailers recognise the different styles when shopping in depot.

Packs begin rolling out to wholesale from 4 April, once existing stock has sold through.

Hannah Corker, Brewdog Customer Marketing Manager at BrewDog, said: “We want to make it as simple as possible for our customers to select the beer that suits them at the point of purchase.

“By introducing colour to our multipacks, they can be instantly identified and by providing taste descriptors we hope this will encourage shoppers to trial new styles, whilst also helping retailers to make recommendations to their customers.”