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Vault City has paid tribute to Scotland’s other national drink with a trio of Iron Brew sour beers.

The Edinburgh-based brewer has relaunched its Iron Brew beer and rolled out two new creations: Iron Brew Float and Fiery Ginger Iron Brew.

Vault City co-founder Steven Smith-Hay said he’s confident the new releases will go down a treat – last year Iron Brew sold out in less than 24 hours.

Steven, who refused to comment on whether the new recipes contains girders, said: “Our take on the ‘nation’s favourite soft drink’ is packed with pride and iron-y goodness in every sip – it’s the perfect drink with Burns Night just around the corner (25 January).

“Every Scot loves a can of the orange stuff; the bold colour and unique flavour evoke a sense of national pride that’s otherwise only found when talking about Scottish tap water.

“This beer trio pays homage to one of Scotland’s great loves and two of Scotland’s greatest exports – an iconic ginger drink and an iconic ginger hair colour. What could be better than toasting the haggis with drinks like these?”

The Brew Float is a boozy twist on the popular dessert, which traditionally features a dollop of soft vanilla ice cream dropped into a glass of Iron Brew.

Meanwhile Fiery Ginger Iron Brew is a fiery but refreshing take on ginger beer, boasting subtle spice and the not-so-subtle Scottish flavour.

Each can features a limited-edition vintage design ironically drawing inspiration from stereotypical Scottish tropes: red-headed characters ironing their kilts and facing off against Highland cows.

Vault City – which says it was the first brewery to switch to a four-day work week – is known for its nostalgia-infused creations, including beers inspired by Toxic Waste sweets, Wagon Wheel biscuits, Neapolitan ice cream and even the deep-fried Mars Bar.

Its beers are designed to make sour beer more accessible, with its Triple Fruited Mango Sour Beer stocked in more than 700 supermarkets across the UK.