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Sour beer producer Vault City Brewing has launched an imperial stout based on infamous Scottish snack, the deep-fried Mars Bar.

DDF M*RS BAR (Double Deep Fried M*rs Bar) is the result of a collaboration with Neon Raptor Brewing Co., and is “packed to the brim” with chocolate malt and cacao nibs. Real battered Mars Bars were apparently also used during the top-secret production process to guarantee an authentic deep-fried flavour.

The deep-fried Mars Bar is the stuff of legend whose origins are lost in the mists of time. One story has a Stonehaven schoolboy asking his local chippy to rustle one up as a dare.

At any rate, children should be steered clear of the new brew, which weighs in at an eye-popping 15.5% ABV. Top Deck shandy it is not.

Vault City’s co-founder Steven Smith-Hay said deep-fried Mars Bars are as synonymous with Scottish culture as haggis or Irn Bru, which prompted him to “bring this national treasure to life in a beer”.

He added: “It certainly isn’t aimed at the health market, but not everything has to be good for you, and much like the snack that inspired it, it’s too tasty not to try for yourself.

“If you’re a fry-hard fan of the Scottish delicacy, you’d ‘batter’ not miss out!”

The Portobello-based brewery launches new flavours every fortnight, with DDF M*RS BAR part of May’s Sour Sunday release. Other flavours in May include Raspberry Rocky Road, Tonka White Forest Gateau, and Strawberry Sundae.

Earlier this year the company launched its first-ever core range across 200 independent bars, pubs and taprooms across the UK. It is also now available in more than 600 Tesco stores nationwide.