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Hap-pie days, its British Pie Week (1 to 7 March) and Aldi has unveiled an award-winning range of Scottish pies to celebrate.

Starting at 89p, Aldi’s selection features firm favourites with hungry Scots, including Steak & Gravy Pies (2 pack, £1.39), Scotch Pies (2 pack, 89p), and Brownings the Bakers’ famous Kilmarnock Pie (150g, £1.39).

For the more adventurous, there are Aldi’s Macaroni Pies (2 pack, 99p) and Chicken Curry Pies (2 pack, £1.29), perfect as a mid-afternoon snack.

Or why not indulge in one of Aldi’s award-winning Specially Selected Luxury Pies, including Steak & Ale Pie, Steak & Black Pudding Pie, or Chicken & Leek Pie (250g, £1.99)?

Aldi’s Top Crust Steak Pie (£2.29, 371g) is a traditional treat for two, and the Large Top Crust Steak Pie (£3.69, 660g) is guaranteed to go down a storm with all the family.

Aldi’s range of Scottish pies is available now from all 96 stores in Scotland. The full range includes:

  • Specially Selected Luxury Pies. Choose from Steak & Ale, Chicken & Leek, and Steak & Black Pudding (£1.99, 250g)
  • Frasers Scotch Pie (2 pack) (89p)
  • Frasers Scotch Pie (4 pack) (£1.59)
  • Frasers Macaroni Pie (2 pack) (99p)
  • Frasers Chicken Curry Pies (2 pack) (£1.29)
  • Frasers Steak & Gravy Pies (2 pack) (£1.39)
  • Browning’s Kilmarnock Pie (£1.39, 150g)
  • Frasers Top Crust Steak Pie (£2.29, 371g)
  • Frasers Large Top Crust Steak Pie (£3.69, 660g)
  • Frasers Steak Round (£1.39, 330g)
  • Frasers Mince Round (£0.99, 330g)