You are currently viewing The Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards – why enter?

The Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards (SRFDA) are unique in Scotland, the result of an industry-wide collaboration of partners all committed to a single and very important goal: getting more of Scotland’s fantastic food and drink products onto more Scottish retail shelves.

The first step to taking advantage of the unique opportunities that the Awards offer is, of course, submitting your entries. We know that it’s a process that can take a little time when done well, but the rewards are there for those that do get involved, as experience has shown.

The ethos behind the awards is unapologetically commercial. We aim to help grow sales for producers and retailers of all sizes across Scotland.

Simply by entering the Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards you can gain enormous benefits including detailed feedback from a panel of expert industry judges – think of it as free consultancy!

And, if you find yourself as a winner or on the shortlist, the benefits are even greater, as many previous entrants have discovered.

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