You are currently viewing The Mash Up beer and whiskey festival underway in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s first ‘hauf and hauf’ beer and whisky festival called The Mash Up is underway for three days, from 3 June until 5 June.

Hosted by Holyrood Distillery, the event invites guests to take sample beers from some of Edinburgh’s best craft breweries alongside trying  drams coming out of Scotland’s new wave whisky distilleries, all within Holyrood Distillery’s single malt whisky distillery and spirits lab.

the distillery is situated in an area once known as the ‘Charmed Circle’ due to the abundant underground water supply and
its vast collection of breweries and distilleries that were once there.

Two half pints and one dram are included in the ticket price, plus the opportunity to sample from all exhibitors. Pizza Geeks will also be serving Neapolitan-style pizza.