You are currently viewing SWA showcases a world of careers in Scotch

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has launched a new website that explores the hundreds of different roles and career paths that the Scotch Whisky industry has to offer.

Spirited Careers functions as a recruitment platform where SWA member companies can post vacancies in their businesses to attract new talent. The website showcases careers and in-depth explanations of jobs within the sector, from Scotch Whisky production and product development, through to marketing, finance and tourism.

The website is a resource for anyone interested in a career in the Scotch Whisky sector, whether they are new to the industry or have worked in it for years, helping people understand what skills and qualifications are needed for different roles.

The launch is part of the industry’s long-term work to boost the skills of its workforce, ensuring that the many opportunities to thrive in Scotch Whisky-related roles are available to all, and to attract the next generation of talent into the industry.

Kirsty Summers, Head of Workforce and Skills at the SWA, said: “We are proud to launch the Spirited Careers site on behalf of the industry. It has been many months in the making. A strong workforce boosts the Scotch Whisky industry’s wider growth. investment, and its economic contribution overall. Spirited Careers will help to support the growth and diversity of our industry by functioning as a recruitment resource and a showcase of the many varied careers that Scotch Whisky can create and nurture.”