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Environmental concerns and climate change are a key concern for Scots consumers, research conducted by 56 Degree Insight for the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards has found.

Plastic-free and recyclable packaging is important to 66% of Scots, the bespoke report revealed, while 65% wanted to see minimal additional packaging beyond what is required to hold the product.

And it goes beyond recyclable packaging – there is a clear message in the research to retailers to let their customer know when they are especially active in sustainable practices and waste reduction in store, with 65% saying it is important they know that.

Food miles, a crucial element in the sustainability challenge, is also a concern for Scottish shoppers, as 56% of them seek products where food miles are reduced as far as possible.

Labelling that clearly, as well as other sustainability information (e.g. no palm oil), is important to 61%.

Packaging research

Focus on labels

Clarity and legibility is a top concern for Scots, with 66% citing it is important to them when choosing products.

However, ingredients being displayed very clearly on the label or packaging is probably the most important factor of all, with 70% of respondents mentioning it.

What’s more, 45% said the overall design and the degree to which a product stands out was an important element in their purchasing journey.