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Spirits of Virtue, a Scottish zero-alcohol spirits producer, has relaunched and expanded its portfolio.

Originally established in 2018, the company is the brainchild of two brothers, Roddy and Kerr Nicoll, and produces the broadest range of zero-alcohol spirits in the UK, with 24 products covering the non-alcoholic equivalent of most major spirit categories. Already trading in the Gulf states and Australia, the company has now turned its focus to the UK and other international markets.

The business offers a number of separate brands: Glen Dochus, a range of five non-alcoholic whisky alternatives that reflects the company’s Scottish heritage; Seven Giants, three non-alcoholic tequila alternatives; and Pearsons, a range of five botanicals. Two non-alcoholic bourbon- and rye-style American whiskey alternatives, under the ‘Sobour’ brand, and five ‘Usko’ zero-alcohol vodka alternatives complete the range.

All the products are based on water from the Cairngorm mountains, filtered through granite rock and use only natural flavourings. All are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, as well as low in sugar and halal-certified.

The company has also developed a single-serve pouch offering across the range, designed to encourage trial and reduce the initial risk of purchase for the consumer.

Spirits of Virtue CEO and founder Roddy Nicol compared the rapidly evolving low and no sector to the Wild West. “It’s constantly moving, and we are all still learning and discovering,” he said.

Roddy’s vision is to create the best portfolio in the market, with the best product, the best packaging, and the best provenance. To meet that goal, he has brought in a team of specialists, including veteran packaging designer Alex Bontoft, and drinks industry expert Angela Mount, who worked on the redevelopment and extension of the product range.

Since the redevelopment, the company has won awards for every entry into international competitions, including three golds at IWSC and Drinks Business Global Masters, together with numerous silvers and bronzes.

Kerr Nicoll, Production Director of Spirits of Virtue, concluded: “We believe totally in what we’re doing; that’s what drives us every day as a small team.

“It’s all about respect for the end consumer and providing them with the very best product, from the unique Cairngorm water to the botanicals and ingredients, the formulation process, the glass, and the packaging. We want the ultimate quality, with provenance and authenticity.”