You are currently viewing Old Curiosity releases first alcohol-free gin

Scottish craft distillery Old Curiosity has launched its first non-alcoholic spirit, distilled with six natural gin botanicals which combine to deliver a guilt-free tipple that “perfectly captures the genuine flavour of a real gin”.

The Secret Garden Non-Alcoholic Spirit (RSP £19.95, 50cl, 0% ABV) will be released in the UK this week.

In contrast to other non-alcoholic spirits, The Secret Garden Small Batch Non-Alcoholic Gin is completely natural, containing no preservatives or flavourings at all and contains zero percent alcohol. It is distilled with juniper, coriander, cardamom, lemon balm, yarrow and calendula, which are grown and hand-picked at the distillery’s very own Secret Herb Garden, based on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Hamish Martin, Director at the Old Curiosity Distillery, commented: “We’re extremely proud of our new Non-Alcoholic Spirit and we believe is set to be one of the leading products in the fast-growing low and no alcohol sector as we see consumer demand continue to increase. What makes The Secret Garden Non-Alcoholic Spirit so special is that by using our extensive knowledge of botanicals and distilling we have been able to create a liquid that delivers all the flavour you would expect of a classic London Dry gin, simply without the alcohol. This liquid is completely natural and contains no preservatives or flavourings, and we believe we are the first-to-market in that respect.”

The Secret Garden Non-Alcoholic Spirit is created by the Old Curiosity Distillery at The Secret Herb Garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The Secret Garden is an award-winning herb nursery with over 600 naturally grown and tended varieties of herbs and flowers which are picked, dried and infused by hand to deliver the pure essence of nature.

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