You are currently viewing Spar unveils fresh UK-wide brand positioning campaign

Spar has launched a new brand positioning aimed at motivating shoppers and showing how the retailer is different to other convenience brands.

The Joy Of Living Locally campaign, which uses three new and distinct pillars, debuted in Spar stores and digital communications this month.

The three pillars comprise: ‘Value on your doorstep’, ‘Nurture our neighbourhoods’, and ‘Passionate about local’. The first pillar is in use throughout January to kickstart the new campaign. Each pillar will have its own distinctive creative badge, which will also be incorporated into future store designs and across all marketing collateral.

The pillars aim to communicate to shoppers how the retailer adds value through promotional activity or everyday pricing, nurtures neighbourhoods by employing people from local communities, supports local causes and charities, celebrates neighbourliness, and showcases local food and producers through the last pillar. They can work individually or can be brought together into a broader message.

Meanwhile, a new bespoke typeface, representing the spirit of the brand positioning called the ‘Spar scribble’, will also be used in-store and on all communications, together with an expanded, distinctive and complementary colour palette to the existing Spar company colours of green, red and white.

All five Spar wholesalers are sharing the new positioning with independent retailers and company-owned stores, while brand guidelines, a retailer video and toolkit have been produced to aid with execution.

Spar UK Brand & Marketing Director Suzanne Dover said: “We saw that we needed to showcase what makes Spar unique and the meaning behind our strapline ‘There for you’ and as a result ‘The Joy Of Living Locally’ brand positioning was born.

“A unique characteristic of Spar is that no two stores are the same, but all are supported by a core commonality – national Spar own-label products, marketing, communications, promotions and store formats. This allows our independent retailers to build on a core framework and proposition. It ensures they can exercise their individual entrepreneurial skill and meet the needs of local shoppers in their stores.”