You are currently viewing Scottish tech company LiberEat shuts down app to focus on allergen detection

Scottish food safety company LiberEat has announced it is removing the app from stores so it can fully focus on food safety earlier in the supply chain.

The move aims to allow the company to work with food businesses  quality assurance and food safety to lower the risk of allergens being present in foods before they get to the consumer.

The LiberEat app is expected to be removed from app stores and no longer work on phones from 18 August.

“On our passion-led mission to make food safe for everyone, we are elated to have landed on a unique technology solution that helps consumers earlier in the chain, lowering the potential for injury to consumers and food recalls when food supply chain systems fail,” the company said in a statement.

The technology we have created works as a second line of defence for food businesses lowering risks and protecting consumers.”