You are currently viewing Meet the 2022 Scottish Retail Food & Drink Small Producer Award Sponsor: Spar Scotland

Spar Scotland is delighted to be Small Producer Sponsor at Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards for the second time.

Spar Scotland said: “As the leading convenience retailing group in Scotland, we are very passionate about supporting local producers.

Small producers are invaluable to local communities. The benefits of a strong network of local food and drink producers are far reaching. Their investment into a diverse range of products, create local jobs and make it possible for the food and drink industry to thrive. It also means shoppers have access to more options to choose from, all produced close to home.

As a business we like to prioritise our local communities, whether that’s raising money for small charities or supporting local suppliers. SPAR Scotland is proud to work with over 150 local suppliers throughout the country, including Castleton Fruit Farm, Graham’s the Family Dairy, Brownings the Bakers, Ashers, McGhees, JG Ross, Malcolm Allan and over 50% of the products on our shelves are produced or distributed from Scottish sites.

Spar Scotland provides great deals, award winning food & drink, extensive fresh range, fantastic food-to-go offer, including our very own food-to-go brand – CJ’s, and convenient in-store services.

In recent years we have successfully rolled out Costa Coffee, our ‘CJ’s’ food-to-go offer and improved our fleet of vehicles that travel millions of miles a year across the country. This year we are hugely investing in development projects to update the layout and design of over 100 company owned stores.

We are also looking to continue to grow our independent estate as well as continue to modernize the business.

Spar Scotland – proud to serve Scottish Communities. We are the largest symbol group in Scotland servicing over 350 convenience stores across the country. A family-owned business based in Dundee with a distribution network covering countryside to coast supported by outstanding operational organisation.”

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