You are currently viewing SRFDA head judge Jane Milton launches podcast series

Jane Milton, internationally renowned food and drink expert and head of the judging panel for the Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards has launched a podcast series, ‘Let Me Introduce You With Jane Milton’.

Jane has been building teams to work with food companies for 25 years. Now, to help small producers build stronger, healthier, better versions of their businesses, she takes listeners behind the scenes to talk to the amazing producers, entrepreneurs and consultants she works with.

A new episode is broadcast every week and the first three can be easily accessed online or via Amazon Alexa.

Guests who have shared their wisdom include:

  • Leading IP expert Margaret Briffa, who talks about helping food businesses secure their IP, the absolute dos and don’ts of safeguarding your brand and her surprising childhood career ambitions.
  • Hospitality expert Andy Hardy, who discusses his long and successful career.
  • Founder of Manilife Stu McDonald reveals all about setting up a peanut butter business in the UK after a trip to Argentina. He talks about his mentors and role models; what he wishes he knew when he was starting out; and shares a few favourite ways with peanut butter.