You are currently viewing Glayva liqueur brand reveals new look

Scottish liqueur brand Glayva has unveiled a new look boasting a fresh label featuring a standout orange colour to bring its flavours to the fore.

Moving away from the previous black label, Glayva’s new look is enhanced by premium material, textured to the touch.

The new orange-coloured bottle aims to highlight the liquid’s flavour profile of tangering and honey-spiced whisky, while the top closure has also benefited from a colour refresh in the same colour.

Meanwhile, the more descriptive labelling comes in response to market research, which indicated that consumers loved the taste of Glayva and the bottle’s shape and design, but were initially unsure of what was inside or what it would taste like.

“The new look gives consumers clear and enticing flavour detail and is sure to be received positively by both existing and new consumers alike,” the company said.

In addition, research showed that 88% of those surveyed enjoyed the taste, with over half proactively repeated purchasing post-survey.