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Fife-based startup East Neuk Spirit Co has just launched its first product, Dorchadas Amber Spiced Rum.

Pronounced Durr-uh-kuh-dus (Gaelic for dark, curious, mysterious and arcane), the new spirit is the brainchild of former offshore worker Rory Hunter and distillery engineer David Taylor. After several drinks in the pub one evening, and frustrated by a lack of genuine spiced rums that aren’t over-sweetened, the friends decided to make their own.

This, as one might imagine, isn’t a straightforward process; the end product is the result of months of experimentation in David’s kitchen, along with some input along the way from another distiller.

The rum is made using a 75% ABV high quality base white spirit sourced in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. This is then macerated with various sweet and aromatic spices, along with the key ingredient – locally sourced Sea Buckthorn berries.

These, along with cacao husks, gives the rum its golden hue and impart a sweet flavour reminiscent of marmalade. There are no added colourings, flavourings or artificial sweeteners.

The cacao husks are a by-product sourced from a local chocolatier and the rum’s sustainability credentials don’t end there. The distilled water used in its reduction is a by-product from another local business, the East Neuk Salt Co.

Now, two years after their initial bevvy session, the pair’s efforts have come to fruition and Dorchadas is hitting shelves in Fife. It can currently be found in The Elie Deli and the Ardross Farm Shop, and will soon be available online from East Neuk Spirit Co’s website.