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A Falkirk-based coffee merchant has grown his business with help from Business Gateway.

After 35 years in the coffee industry, Brian McGregor decided to launch own business in 2015 after his first grandchild, Henry, came into the world.

And so Henry’s Coffee Company was also born, selling tea and coffee to cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. The business also creates branded coffee for its customers.

Like many small producers, Brian spotted an opportunity during lockdown to grow his business by selling directly to the public. He had worked with Business Gateway from the outset and approached them again for help in launching a new website to achieve this.

He received three days of support from web design experts through Business Gateway’s DigitalBoost programme to build the website, as well as a DigitalBoost Development Grant, which covered two-thirds of its cost.

The result: a new customer base of more than 1,000 coffee lovers.

Business Gateway also pointed him in the direction of GCAS, a government-funded scheme that pays for internships. This let Brian bring a marketing executive onboard for six months.

Brian said: “Business Gateway has been very proactive in offering support to our business. We know that they don’t wait for us to approach them, rather they are regularly in contact with us so that they can help our business grow.”

Business Gateway adviser Louise Evison added: “Brian is passionate about his company and offering a fantastic service to his customers.

“This passion shines through in everything Brian does and it has been really rewarding to see his success, especially witnessing how DigitalBoost support has expanded his business very quickly.”