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Angel’s Share, a new artisanal Scottish ready-to-drink cocktails brand has launched.

The business is the brainchild of Michael Crozier (pictured), who identified a gap in the market for premium, Scottish-made ready-to-drink cocktails as far back as 2019. However, it was during last year’s lockdown that the company to really started to take form. Originating as a local delivery service operating throughout Dumbarton and Helensburgh, Crozier grew a loyal customer base via social media. Now, following funding from new micro-investment firm CAM Ventures, Crozier hopes that a wider Scottish audience will be able to enjoy Angel’s Share.

Launching online and in selected retailers later in the year, consumers will be offered a choice of four cocktails, with a combination of both whisky and gin drinks.

Crozier commented: “The RTD market is one which keeps growing, and we feel like we can offer consumers the chance to enjoy a premium, bartender-inspired experience in the comfort of their own homes.”

He is also keen to emphasise the ethics which are integral to the brand. From using packaging which is at least 90% recyclable, to identifying potential charitable partners, Crozier said “if we find ourselves in a position that can make even a few people’s lives that little bit easier then that’s what we will do”.

The business is the first to receive support from CAM Ventures. Set up with the intention to provide funding to individuals impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, Crozier was introduced to CAM Ventures’ founder Will Macpherson via LinkedIn, where the two hit it off.

Macpherson said: “My primary aim when establishing CAM Ventures was discovering potential business partners who stood apart from the crowd. Angel’s Share did exactly that, and it’s been great working with Michael in the run-up to launch.”

On what sets Angel’s Share apart from his competition, Crozier believes that it is the personal touch which makes all the difference. “From the start, we’ve prided ourselves on connecting with our customers, we’re real people – when you visit the website it’s me saying hello and welcoming you to be part of the Angel’s Share experience and journey, and that personal touch and approach alongside our imaginative cocktails will set us apart.”