You are currently viewing Aldi serves up new Scottish ice cream

Sweet-toothed Aldi customers are in for a treat following the launch of the supermarket’s range of new ice cream flavours.

Shoppers can choose from three refreshing new ice cream creations produced under its Strachan’s brand: Peach Melba, Mixed Scottish Berries and Raspberry Pavlova.

Priced at £1.99 per litre and on sale now, the new flavours are made in Scotland using Scottish milk and cream.

Peach Melba is swirled with sweet raspberry and peach pieces; Mixed Berries uses various Scottish berries to create an indulgent fruit compote; and Raspberry Pavlova boasts a smooth dark pink raspberry ripple, as well as crunchy meringue pieces.

The supermarket also recently launched an indulgent Specially Selected Belgian Chocolate ice cream, created by Scottish producer Equi’s. Customers can scoop this up for £1.99 per 500ml.

Aldi currently works with over 90 Scottish suppliers, and after reaching its initial goal of stocking over 450 Scottish products by the end of 2020, the supermarket has now increased this target to stock over 500 locally sourced products in the next two years.