The Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards

Supermarket trolley

The Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards are the ultimate platform to recognise and showcase innovation, with the primary goal to help more Scottish producers get their brand on retail shelves.

Past entrants include everything from major supermarket brands and discounters to own-label ranges and smaller artisan producers, reflecting the breadth and depth of our diverse industry.

The Scottish food and drink landscape

Contributing a whopping £14bn per year to Scotland’s economy, the Scottish food and drink sector is key to Scotland’s economic growth, employing over 115,000 people. As the world slowly emerges and adapts to its post-lockdown normal, new eating and shopping habits also surface as a result.

According to research by 56 Degree Insight, eating healthy food is now important to 90% of Scots, while buying Scottish and locally has boomed in the past couple of years.

Sustainability is an increasing concern for Scottish consumers, which is why the SRFDAs will once again strive to recognise products with strong sustainability credentials through our judging process. Research has shown that 56% of Scots seek products where food miles are reduced as far as possible, with 61% noting that clear display of sustainability information (e.g. no palm oil) on the product is important. What’s more, 66% will choose products which are plastic-free and recyclable.

Meanwhile, the boom in free-from products is set to continue throughout 2022, as retailers put increasing emphasis on allergens and consumers are expected to seek out more products that are meat or dairy-free.

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