You are currently viewing Thistly Cross signs up for inaugural British Cider Week

The first-ever British Cider Week will be held from 14 to 23 April.

Cider makers from across the UK have signed up for event. These are mostly based in England, although Dunbar’s very own Thistly Cross Cider is flying the flag for Scottish producers.

The campaign aims to encourage consumers to explore the diversity of ciders that Britain has to offer and to get involved in all the activities cider makers are organising, such as tours, tastings and competitions.

Thistly Cross will take over the taps at the Paolozzi Bar & Restaurant in Edinburgh for the duration of the event. It is still finalising what ciders will be offered but there will be at least four keg options, plus others available in bottles.

A Thistly Cross spokesperson commented: “We’re really excited to be involved in British Cider Week, and to be representing Scotland!”

Martin Berkeley, founder of Pilton Cider in Somerset, said the event provided a “great opportunity” for retailers to showcase their cider range, “perhaps by teaming up with their local producers to create some great consumer activities, such as cider festivals, special cider menus, or tastings”.

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