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Deerness Distillery co-owner Stuart Brown raises a glass to the new venture

Deerness Distillery, in Orkney, has announced a six-figure investment that will see construction of a new whisky distillery start in the summer.

The business already produces a range of spirits, including the award-winning Sea Glass Gin, and says its new venture is set to be mainland Orkney’s first family-owned whisky distillery in 138 years.

Owners Stuart and Adelle Brown believe that Orkney’s rich whisky history and high-quality peat make it the ideal place for a new distillery.

The couple plans to produce a signature batch single malt – anticipated to have a sweet, smoky flavour with coastal and peaty notes reflecting the distillery’s location – as well as an oat whisky and a Scottish rye whisky made with local grains sourced from nearby farms.

Stuart commented: “Our upcoming signature dram draws inspiration from the rugged, coastal environment surrounding the site, while our plans for oat and rye whiskies using locally sourced grains showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional whisky making.”

With demand for whisky casks on the rise, Deerness is offering 200 casks of its inaugural release single malt to whisky enthusiasts. Casks are available now, priced from £4,750.

Stuart added: “By selling a stake in this new chapter for Deerness Distillery, we’re not only sharing our passion for Orkney whisky, but also inviting our customers to join us on our journey. We’re certain that our first casks will develop into an incredible dram, and we can’t wait to taste the results of our hard work.”

Following purchase, buyers will be able to chart the progression of their cask as it matures into single malt whisky in a dunnage warehouse, where the fresh sea air blowing from Orkney will contribute to the creation of a distinctive spirit.