You are currently viewing National Museums Scotland acquires whisky collection to showcase ‘thriving’ industry

National Museums Scotland has acquired a selection of bottled whiskies, packaging and related material ahead of World Whisky Day on Saturday, 21st May.

The move aims to reflect the period of growth and “reinvention” of the whisky industry in the 21st century, providing “an insight into one of our leading industries but reveal a picture of Scotland in the early 21st century that will now be preserved for generations to come”, according to Laura Scobie, Doctoral Researcher at the University of Edinburgh and National Museums Scotland.

The acquisition was made as part of a sixth-month Student Development Fund Project in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, and represent the length and breadth of Scotland, from the Scottish Borders to the islands of the Inner Hebrides and Thurso, the most northern town on the British mainland.

Amongst the items collected is a bottle from Isle of Rasaay Distillery textured with fossil details from the region’s geological topography, along with Torabhaig Distillery’s Allt Gleann Single Malt Whisky, which was named after one of the burns that provide the distillery with spring water.

The collection also considers the relationships between distilleries and Scottish makers, showcased by a 25ml measure created by Skye-based potter Katharina Lenz for Torabhaig Distillery, aiming to highlight the ways in which the island’s creative community is stimulated and supported by the local whisky industry.

On a larger scale, a backpack collaboration from Isle of Jura Distillery and accessories brand Trakke has been produced in Glasgow with materials sourced from across Scotland, including waxed cotton from Dundee that has been dyed with lichen native to Jura.