You are currently viewing Macphie to recruit 20 more staff after £4m factory refit

Foodservice and bakery solutions provider Macphie is looking for a further 20 staff members to join its production team, following ‘soaring demand’.

The move comes after a £4m refit and layout change at its Tannochside factory last year, which was initially going to create 40 new jobs.

The company is now on the hunt for a further 20 staff members at its 25,000 sq ft North Lanarkshire site follows rising demand for its ice cream solutions.

Our chief executive Andy Stapley said: “The improved capacity at Tannochside has allowed us to secure major new listings with current customers, as well as brand new ones.

“That increase in demand has led to a fantastic opportunity for us, which is to expand our workforce and continue to thrive in this excelling industry.

“These appointments will arrive at a crucial point in our evolution at Tannochside and we’re delighted to welcome new faces to the Macphie family as we continue to increase our client base and add to our ever-growing product portfolio.”

The refurbishment of Tannochside marks the company’s biggest investment programme since Macphie first acquired the site in 2000.

“The 20 additional roles that we have now been able to create highlights the success we have been experiencing – and this is only just the start,” he added.

“Our rapidly climbing rates of production after upping our capacity at the factory indicate that we will continue to grow over the next year and that will hopefully allow us to create new jobs in a broad range of positions.”