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A Scottish business has entered the growing Hard Seltzer market with The Alcoholic Water Company’s launch of Lilo.

Lilo (ABV 3.5%) is available in two flavours, White Grape & Elderflower (44 calories) and Cranberry & Rosehip (43 calories) from specialist retailers or in 250ml cans designed by artist Maria Rivans.

Both flavours are deliberately aligned to the wine category in the hope of offering a lower calorie, less alcoholic alternative for health-conscious consumers.

The name is a play on words that showcases the drink’s lighter and lower attributes; it is also reminiscent of sunnier climes and relaxing by the sea.

Lilo is the first of several Hard Seltzer brands to launch from The Alcoholic Water Company. The company was formed as a collaboration by four UK based drink experts who each bring different industry experience and skills to the table.

Scotland-based founders of The Start-Up Drinks Lab, Craig Strachan and Hannah Fisher, bring liquid development, manufacturing and operational expertise while London-based advertising and branding agency Warp & Woof founders Drew Shannon and Greg Saunders bring branding, design and activation. The company, funded to date entirely by the founders, has just secured substantial external investment which will be announced in early 2021.

Hard Seltzers (or alcoholic flavoured water) came to prominence in the US four years ago, tapping into a growing trend amongst body conscious consumers for low calorie, refreshing, natural flavours and low levels of alcohol.

They started making inroads in Britain earlier this summer, and all the major drink manufacturers are now scrambling to bring products to the market.