You are currently viewing Holyrood Distillery to roll out two Strong Waters varieties

Edinburgh’s Holyrood Distillery is to introduce two new varieties into the UK market, called Charmed Circle.

The new products form part of the brand’s Strong Waters range and are the results of the distillery’s experimentation with heritage barleys.

The team distilled barleys abandoned over time in favour of higher yielding varieties to blend them with neutral grain spirit, intensifying the flavours of the barleys.

The new Golden Promise boasts citrus, lemon and orange tasting notes, while the Chevalier features butter, biscuit, and churned cream flavours.

The Strong Waters name refers to a collection of wells situated around King Arthur’s seat. Known as the ‘Charmed Circle’, the cluster of wells supplied the brewing community Edinburgh once held, with some of the wells and water aquifer still in use underneath the distillery today.