You are currently viewing Highland Game invests £150k in protecting staff

Venison producer Highland Game has announced an investment of over £150,000 to ensure the safety and security of its employees during the coronavirus crisis.

The Dundee-based business employs over 80 people. The company has also created a minimum of 15 new jobs as new shift patterns and social distancing measures have resulted in fewer people able to work simultaneously.

Structural layout changes in the plant including an increase in production lines, new machinery and automation. New procedures and staff training as well as additional PPE have also been introduced alongside additional clean down procedures.

Jo Dalrymple, Highland Game’s Operations and Technical Manager, said: “At the onset of the pandemic, even before lockdown was announced we had already implemented a set of rigorous measures ensuring the health and safety of our frontline staff. They have been a credit to our business, continuing to work throughout the last few months taking on the challenge of working in a new environment and retraining as we implemented new safety and procedures. Many have also been upskilled as we operate with fewer people on each shift.”