You are currently viewing Convenience stores could capitalise on environmental credentials, report suggests

Local stores are believed to be better for the environment by over a third of consumers, a new report by TWC has found.

Some 35% of respondents told the TWC Trends ‘Do good, feel good’ report that shopping at c-stores is better for the environment, while over 70% were revealed to be concerned about environmental and sustainability issues.  What’s more, whilst the youngest cohort, Gen Z, were most likely to ‘strongly agree with the latter, boomers were also more likely to consider themselves more concerned about environmental issues than they were three years ago.

“There is an opportunity here to talk up the environmental benefits of shopping at convenience stores,” TWC Communications Director Sarah Coleman said.

“For example, walking to store (both customers and staff) and collaborations with local businesses that drive the local economy. We believe this would really resonate with consumers.”

She added: “Currently we see the grocery mults are well ahead on demonstrating their environmental credentials and therefore convenience and wholesale must reposition itself as a strong choice for sustainable shopping.

“Of course, key to this will be identifying which elements of sustainability are most relevant and important to their customers and aligning their communications accordingly.”

The TWC Trends Autumn Edition 2021 can be found here.