You are currently viewing Arran ale pops up in parliament

Arran Brewery has gained a listing for its Arran Guid Ale in – of all places – the Houses of Parliament.

Patricia Gibson, MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, recommended the ale to the House of Commons Guest Ale programme and it now finds itself served in the Strangers’ Bar as a guest beer.

Following her sponsorship of Guid Ale, Gibson welcomed Arran Brewery owner Gerald Michaluk to Westminster to raise a glass of the award-winning beer which – having worked in a bar in her youth –she pulled herself.

She said: “I am sure the light, refreshing, 3.8% ABV beer, which is brewed from the purest water and natural ingredients, imparting citrus aromas and striking flavours, will be enjoyed by many on the parliamentary estate.”

And so it would seem. According to the Strangers’ bar manager, the beer is being well received and selling very well.

Gerald Michaluk said: “We are indebted to Patricia Gibson MP for recommending our beer and it is great to see it, in pride of place, in the Westminster bar.”

Arran Guid Ale is a celebration of a song written by Robert Burns in 1795, “Guid Ale Keeps The Heart Aboon” and is one of Arran’s core range.