You are currently viewing Sainsbury’s listing for Scottish allergy-free biscuit brand
Kirsty Dingwall

Perthshire-based entrepreneur Kirsty Dingwall has launched her kids’ top-14-allergen-free biscuit range, Angelic Safetylicious Oat Squares, into Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

Sainsbury’s is the first major bricks and mortar supermarket listing for the Angelic Free From biscuit brand, which began life in Kirsty’s parent’s kitchen after she left her job with Ernst & Young and founded the range in 2012.

The retailer is listing the brand’s latest product in the range, Safetylicious Chocolate Chip Oat Squares, hitting the free-from aisle from this month.

This follows success for the Scottish brand online via Amazon and Ocado, as well as overseas. UK retail is a major part of the brand’s growth plans and Kirsty’s mission to drive awareness and support for families affected by allergies via the school community.

Intolerant to gluten herself, Kirsty’s personal journey is a driving force behind the Angelic brand. Her son, Joshua, had multiple food allergies from a young age, and the Safetylicious range was born out of her frustration at the lack of safe and inclusive snacking options that allergy parents could rely on.

Free from multiple allergens, including nuts, dairy, soya, eggs and gluten, the Angelic Safetylicious Oat Squares range has been developed to take the worry out of kids’ snack times. The product is said to be the first children’s biscuit to meet the criteria in allergy-free school policies.

Around 7% of UK children live with a food allergy, with cases rising. At least one child in every classroom is now affected, according to charity Allergy UK, with 20% of severe allergic reactions to food happening whilst a child is at school.

Speaking about the new listing, Kirsty said: “We are incredibly excited about this launch into Sainsbury’s and we’re looking forward to working with them to help take the worry out of snack time for more families, with access to a safe and delicious range that also puts the fun back into kids’ lunchboxes!”

Kirsty has also joined forces with Natalie Hopkins, Founder of medically approved auto-injector training programme, The Allergy Badge, to launch the Angelic School Safe initiative – a free allergy training resource for schools across the country. The monthly course supports all members of school staff, promoting safer snacking, allergy awareness and inclusivity.

Kirsty hopes the Angelic School Safe Initiative will reach as many staff as possible in schools all over the country by giving them free, flexible access to the resource.

She added: “With budget restraints tighter than ever, we know how much this will help and we hope anyone who is connected to a school – whether they are staff, parents or carers, will sign up so we can support as many schools, children and their families as possible.”